. When Names Are Not Commonly Known: Epistemic Logic with Assignments. Advances in Modal Logic Vol 12., 2018.

. Losing Connections: Modal Logics of Definable Link Deletion. accepted and presented at LOFT 13, Milano, 2018.

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. 关于社交网络中主体行为的推理和预测. 《暨南学报》即将发表, 2018.

. 关于规范、价值和偏好的实践推理. 《清华大学学报》(即将发表), 2018.

. 图博弈的设计与模态逻辑的发展. 《清华大学学报》(即将发表), 2018.



Group One

Logic of social structure and social influence.

Group Two

Belief revision guided by evidence and trust.

Group Three

Modeling formation and dynamics of social norms.

Group Four

Strategical reasoning in social networks.